We are approaching the one year anniversary for HMV Mania!

The HMV Mania server was installed on May 23rd, 2021. When that date hits, the site will officially have been functional for one full year!


A reminder that the forums are up and running on the site and you can apply for an account in this thread.

For users applying for an account, we need a method of contacting you to send your credentials. Please see the Community section of the site for how you can contact us and we can give the credentials.

Upcoming Base Releases for April and May

For the rest of April 2022, there will be the previously planned base releases along with more HMVs from AnoanHMV. May 2022 will also have a base release of entirely HMVs from AnoanHMV to celebrate that creator having the first video on the site barring Welcome to HMV Mania: Hellish Black Beast in May 30th, 2021.

AnoanHMV is also one of the most prolific HMV creators known to date, alongside a few others such as Ayachuco.

A reminder of the base release schedule for April 1 – 30 2022:

4/01/2022    [Cazual] The Last Fap of 2K14
    [marebornHMV] ★ Ska  Music Vol.1
4/02/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 1
4/03/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 2
4/04/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 3
4/05/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 4
4/06/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 5
4/07/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 5 (Secret Round)
4/08/2022    [Cyberwolf] Itadaki Seiki! HMV
4/09/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 6
4/10/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 7
4/11/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 8
4/12/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 9
4/13/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 10
4/14/2022    [AnonRemastered] Alliteration Round 11
4/15/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – Effexual
4/16/2022    [marebornHMV] 1st Flirtation Measures Committee
4/17/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – Effexual 2
4/18/2022    [marebornHMV] 2nd Flirtation Measures Committee
4/19/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – Candy
4/20/2022    [ZoburNight] Perfection
4/21/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – Comeback
4/22/2022    [marebornHMV] 1st NTR Policy Committee
4/23/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – KyonyuuREVISED
4/24/2022    [marebornHMV] 2nd NTR Policy Committee
4/25/2022    [DearestOnani] Bamrevised – 2Destruction
4/26/2022    [marebornHMV] 3rd NTR Policy Committee
4/27/2022    [Tayune] Hanaji
4/28/2022    [marebornHMV] CDD Music Vol.1
4/29/2022    [DearestOnani] Bam Bam
4/30/2022    [marebornHMV] Love Tropicana

You can expect extra AnoanHMV releases alongside the base releases in April:

4/09/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd VI
4/10/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd VII
4/11/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd VIII
4/12/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd IX
4/13/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd X
4/14/2022    [AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd XI
4/15/2022    [AnoanHMV] Contrast
4/16/2022    [AnoanHMV] Make Me A Star V1
4/17/2022    [AnoanHMV] Contrast 2
4/18/2022    [AnoanHMV] Make Me A Star V2
4/20/2022    [AnoanHMV] Tanfastic
4/22/2022    [AnoanHMV] Spectacle pt. 1
4/24/2022    [AnoanHMV] Spectacle pt. 2
4/26/2022    [AnoanHMV] Spectacle pt. 3
4/28/2022    [AnoanHMV] Healing Touch I

May 1 – 31 2022 base release schedule will be entirely from AnoanHMV:

05/01/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service Pt. 1
05/02/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service pt. 2
	[AnoanHMV] Special Service Double
05/03/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service pt. 3
05/04/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service pt. 4
	[AnoanHMV] Special Service Quartet
05/05/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service pt. 5
05/06/22	[AnoanHMV] Special Service pt. 6
05/07/22	[AnoanHMV] Harem Service
05/08/22	[AnoanHMV] Maid Maria
05/09/22	[AnoanHMV] Maid in Red
05/10/22	[AnoanHMV] Maids in Space
05/11/22	[AnoanHMV] Deadly & Gorgeous
	[AnoanHMV] Deadly & Gorgeous 2
05/12/22	[AnoanHMV] Backstage Benefits
05/13/22	[AnoanHMV] Starlet
05/14/22	[AnoanHMV] Sun Kissed
05/15/22	[AnoanHMV] The Fine Lines
05/16/22	[AnoanHMV] Classical Dark
05/17/22	[AnoanHMV] Hellion Dark
05/18/22	[AnoanHMV] Gradient
05/19/22	[AnoanHMV] Umbra
05/20/22	[AnoanHMV] Penumbra
05/21/22	[AnoanHMV] Artifact
05/22/22	[AnoanHMV] Elves are for Lewd II
05/23/22	[AnoanHMV] Elves are For Lewd III
05/24/22	[AnoanHMV] Elves are For Lewd IV
05/25/22	[AnoanHMV] Hard & Fast
05/26/22	[AnoanHMV] Ride
05/27/22	[AnoanHMV] Flow
05/28/22	[AnoanHMV] Lacy Lingerie
05/29/22	[AnoanHMV] Back Country Blonde
05/30/22	[AnoanHMV] Monster
05/31/22	[AnoanHMV] Spooky Scary Succubus
	[AnoanHMV] Spooky Scary Succubus 2

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