We did it! 3000 videos and a new site mascot.

3000 Videos

On May 3rd, 2024 the site reached 3,000 published videos! Specifically, there were 3,003 videos after that day’s release excluding Welcome To HMV Mania.

The site trailer was also updated with the 3,000 videos version, previously a 2,500 celebration.

New Site Mascot

You may have noticed updates to the site’s favicon, along with the logo in the top left and the trailer.

May 23rd will be the 3 year anniversary for the site. To celebrate this milestone, we finally have our own site mascot! A big thanks to the artist HaYxWiRe (pronounced Haywire).

However, we’ll certainly miss Grace from Sound Voltex. She’s been the face on the site for the past 3 years.

Almost 600 Creators

On the HMV Makers List page, we are close to 600 creators!

Site Stats

On April 29th, 2024 Jetpack got disabled on the site so we switched to Google Analytics starting May 2nd, 2024. Up to April 29th, 2024 the site accumulated roughly 19.5 million pageviews from Jetpack stats.

There are more stats we can share later on, although some interesting ones after just a weeks worth of data:

  • For devices used, 56% are mobile, 41% are desktop, 3% are tablet.
  • Page views per day ranges 50k-60k.
  • The top 3 countries viewing the site are United States, China, and Japan.

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