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Anime Music Videos (AMVs) have been around for a long time. However, there seems to be a problem with finding websites that allow for anime music videos with nudity (genitals and/or female nipples). Usually the way to distinguish an AMV and HMV is genitals.

HMV Mania is a site dedicated to anime and hentai music videos, allowing for nudity and aiming to provide a safe space for these video makers to share their work.

Some History about other sites

Unfortunately, there is seemingly a Catch 22 when it comes to other sites for HMV makers.

  • Mainstream sites: Think sites like YouTube. You try posting genitals or female nipples, that site will be all over your ass. Unfortunately, the sites with the highest traffic don’t allow for nudity.
  • Porn sites: A side effect of the above is that nudity then has to be placed on “nsfw” sites, which has basically become synonymous to if a site allows nudity, it’s effectively a porn site. However, these sites (e.g. PornHub, xvideos, Spankbang) are notorious for grossly shafting users when it comes to DMCA claims and many HMV makers have gotten their accounts vandalized on these sites. PornHub and xvideos also require a “verification process” that violates your anonymity/privacy/safety by requiring real life photos — just imagine being someone giving this type of sensitive information only to get DMCA’d to death and now they hold that sensitive media ransom.

What’s also bad is that these more visible sites have abysmal customer support. Despite the poor decisions these sites make that users get aggravated over, these big sites still make them anyway (read: they make too much money to care). See a picture of some comments below on a surviving HMV on a Verified User’s account as an example of some of these frustrations.

Also consider that in the past, before PornHub’s decision in December 2020 to do a wipe of around 80% of the site’s videos, this is what the HMV search results looked like (courtesy of Wayback Machine snapshot on September 22nd, 2020):

You can see in the highest viewed HMV it was 3.6 million views by LordFappington. That video is now gone and that user’s account got trashed.

Some Closing Thoughts

With some of the context given above, it should give a better idea of what HMV Mania is striving for: a safer space where HMV makers can share their videos, with a community that actually cares rather than bowing down to corporate atmospheres.

It’s unfortunate that just to have genitals and/or female nipples in a music video, someone needs to jump through all these hoops and risk their safety on these “NSFW” sites which have a stigma attached to them.

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