This page lists tutorials for creating hentai music videos (HMVs).

Simple Beatbar Tutorial

Quantoz created a 16 minute tutorial video on how to create a beatbar to add to a video.

[Quantoz] Simple Beatbar Tutorial

Download Links:

Fap Hero Basics Tutorial

Bastati created a 5 part series for creating Fap Hero videos.

  1. Getting started (Intro)
  2. Making the beats
  3. Making the beat bar
  4. Trimming
  5. Editing

There is also a Part 6 that covers looping, and a “lazy tutorial” for fast loop edits.

Lazy tutorial – Fast loops with hentai

[Bastati] Lazy tutorial – How to make fast loops with hentai

Part 1: Getting started (Intro)

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 1 – Intro

Part 2: Making the beats

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 2 – Beatmapping

Part 3: Making the beat bar

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 3 – Beat bar

Part 4: Trimming

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 4 – Trimming

Part 5: Editing

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 5 – Editing

Part 6: Loops

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 6 – Loops

Along with video parts, Bastati also provided sound files for Parts 2 and 3.

  • Part 2 sound files for Beatmapping Tutorial
  • Part 3 sound files for Beat bar Tutorial

Download Links: