This page lists tutorials for creating hentai music videos (HMVs).

Simple Beatbar Tutorial

Quantoz created a 16 minute tutorial video on how to create a beatbar to add to a video.

[Quantoz] Simple Beatbar Tutorial

Quantoz also updated the script from the Bastati tutorial, and you can get that v5 script here. In theory, any version of Adobe After Effects should be compatible with this script.

Download Links:

On-Beat Animation tutorial

Quantoz also created a 6 minute tutorial that includes a script for having animations be on-sync with the beats in the music.

[Quantoz] On-Beat Animation tutorial

Mirror link for automatic beats script:

PixelFH Tutorial

PixelFH created a 5-video series as a tutorial on creating Fap Heroes.

  1. FH Tutorial – Audio Prep
  2. FH Tutorial – Beatbar Creation
  3. FH Tutorial – Material Prep
  4. FH Tutorial – Faphero Creation
  5. FH Tutorial – Faphero Creation (editing process example)

Download Links:

Fap Hero Basics Tutorial

Bastati created a 5 part series for creating Fap Hero videos.

  1. Getting started (Intro)
  2. Making the beats
  3. Making the beat bar
  4. Trimming
  5. Editing

There is also a Part 6 that covers looping, and a “lazy tutorial” for fast loop edits.

Lazy tutorial – Fast loops with hentai

[Bastati] Lazy tutorial – How to make fast loops with hentai

Part 1: Getting started (Intro)

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 1 – Intro

Part 2: Making the beats

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 2 – Beatmapping

Part 3: Making the beat bar

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 3 – Beat bar

Part 4: Trimming

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 4 – Trimming

Part 5: Editing

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 5 – Editing

Part 6: Loops

[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 6 – Loops

Along with video parts, Bastati also provided sound files for Parts 2 and 3.

  • Part 2 sound files for Beatmapping Tutorial
  • Part 3 sound files for Beat bar Tutorial

Download Links: