[Quantoz] Simple Beatbar Tutorial

Tutorial video courtesy of Quantoz.

You can find the Tutorials page here:

This tutorial is for people who:
– never used After Effects, ExtendScript, and FL Studio.
– want to know a quick and easy way of making basic beatbars.
– have some basic understanding of video editing.
– or just want to see how beatbars are made without using audio waveforms.

Time stamps:
0:00 – 0:59 Introduction
1:00 – 4:46 FL Studio
4:47 – After Effects and Extend Script

Software and resources needed:
– FL Studio (paid) or any program that can add beats in patterns: Ableton (paid), LMMS (free).
– After Effects (paid)
– ExtendScript (free toolkit to download from Adobe)
– A beat sound (optional, we can generate our own or use one from FL library)

Some final notes.
Render setting depends on where you want to edit your FH/HMV project:
– for some external program render with alpha should work
– for Premiere Pro or After Effects you can simply import this project file and you should be able to put beatbar composition in it


  • Shadow 4th November 2022 , 4:16 pm

    where’s the link for the script?

  • duodimension 16th March 2023 , 9:34 am

    Wonderful tutorial, but could you please provide a link to ExtendScript and the beatbar script? Thanks!


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