Mission Statement

The mission statement for HMV Mania consists of 10 items.

1. Provide a place where animation music videos can stay up.

One of the biggest motivating factors for starting HMV Mania was how problematic DMCA takedowns were for HMV Makers on other sites. A primary focus of HMV Mania is working to keep these videos up.

2. Deliver content on a consistent basis, and take an incremental approach.

HMV Mania was not meant to be a site that uploads bursts of content. It aims to be a site that uploads content over time on a consistent basis.

Currently the approach is having two uploads per day. Over time the catalog will build up, and users can look forward to new videos appearing on the site on a consistent basis.

3. Encourage newer content and diversify artists.

Although there are many HMVs from previous years, HMV Mania would like to also prioritize newer content whenever possible. In addition, newer HMV makers should be welcomed/given priority for content uploads on the site.

4. Monitor site stats to consider site upgrades.

HMV Mania is starting with a modest server that is only meant for small amounts of traffic. Over time this may increase

5. Provide a clean and safe streaming experience for users.

When it comes to video streaming, users should be able to view a video without having annoying ads or other parts of the page obstructing the content.

HMV Mania is starting with no ads, and is planning to be self-sufficient for the rest of the 2021 year (with respect to funds). If extra elements are to be added onto the site such as ads, the community will be informed first and staff will receive input first before implementing such elements.

6. Never resort to money as a reason to strong-arm others.

Basically, “don’t bow down to corporate atmospheres” — HMV Mania is not a site aiming to make a profit.

HMV Mania will always be free to use, and the “free” part will not be an excuse for a poor site experience.

7. Be receptive to community suggestions.

Nobody likes arrogant staff. Ideas are welcome and if there is disagreement, it will be handled respectfully. This does not guarantee that ideas will be implemented, but they will be considered and respected.

8. Never stop reflecting.

Although others in the community can provide suggestions, HMV Mania staff should also reflect on how to improve the site.

9. Be transparent about goals.

HMV Mania aims to have a long term vision. Users should know about goals for HMV Mania and upcoming plans.

10. Take accountability for this mission statement.

Don’t take the corporate approach of “cover my ass” — there may be some honest mistakes on the site, and HMV Mania staff will aim to take accountability for decisions made, as well as see opportunities for improvement.