2021 Goals

2021 was focused on starting up the site and building up its catalog.

Shorter term goals in 2021:

– At least 100 video uploads by end of July 2021
– Have at least 30 different HMV makers by end of August

End of 2021 Goals:

– Have at least 300 video uploads by end of 2021
– Have at least 50 different HMV makers
– No ads on the site for the rest of the year

2022 Goals

2022 should focus more on improvements for the site, as well as setting up creators for success.

10 Topics for 2022

These topics are subject to the limitations of the current theme the site has. There might be creative solutions in some cases, but these topics will at least be considered.

1. Have information about content creators’ pages.

The idea: Allow visitors to learn more about where to find creators.

This depends on what information should be public:
– Twitter profile
– iwara profile
– Other sites (e.g. reddit, Spankbang)
– Patreon profile

2. More Tags, Genres.

The idea: Make it easier to find videos that fall under a certain genre.

Right now the two tags mainly used on the site are amv, hmv to group videos. However, they can also have genres attached.

Genres could cover multiple things:
– Content in the video (e.g. elves, futanari)
– Hentai series
– Style of music (e.g. EDM, fast beat, trap beat)

3. Favorite Videos and Playlists.

The idea: Provide a way to have users add videos to a list they can reference later.

This would involve looking into the concept of lists such as favorite videos or playlists. For example, a playlist with HMVs that feature a specific hentai series, or elves as its content. Another option is an external util that users can use e.g. a form where they put in video links and it can be saved outside of HMV Mania.

4. Have a way for users to suggest video tags.

Given the hundreds of videos on HMV Mania, it would be good for the community to have a way of suggesting tags for videos to allow people to have a say in how videos can be grouped on the site rather than just HMV and AMV.

5. Provide a way to download videos.

There is no official way to download a video on HMV Mania as of now.

The idea: Provide an easy, official method of downloading videos from the site (e.g. clicking a download button).

6. HLS Streaming at different bit rates.

The idea: Provide lower bitrates to allow for slower connections to still stream the video.

Right now, HMV Mania only streams at the original uploaded video’s bitrate. So if a video is uploaded at 1080p, it can only be streamed at 1080p in current day. This is not ideal for users with slower connections.

Example is for a 1080p video, there should be 720p and 480p options. Something to look into more.

7. Making the site more self-serve for creators.

The idea: Provide the tools necessary to allow content creators to draft up their work for the site.

On January 23rd, 2022 there was a page for creators that provided steps for drafting up a post for a video on the site.

Authors can provide every part of a video post except for the video file itself on the HMV Mania site. Right now, authors can provide the thumbnail for the video in terms of media, but standardized videos need to be handled by a trusted superuser.

The problem with having this encoding occur on the site itself is that it is very resource intensive. For now, authors just provide the link to the original video to be standardized.

8. Allowing for longer videos.

Right now the video length threshold for HMV Mania is approximately 14 minutes for one video.

A dependency of allowing longer videos is HLS streaming at different bit rates: allowing videos to effectively be “chunked” (loaded in parts).

9. Site Speed and Storage

As of February 9th, 2022, the site receives around 3k – 4k pageviews a day on average.

As of February 9th, 2022, roughly 60% of the current server space is being used for the site. The current server will be used until at least May 2022. Site stats will be monitored to see how site traffic changes in the coming 3 months to see if a server upgrade should happen. But in terms of space, we’re set for a while — close to the end of year even.

10. Non-2D HMVs.

Some users have expressed an interest in having non-2D HMVs on the site. This includes videos such as SFM, 3D, and MMD.

The focus of the site has been 2D content, although there may be a way to put this content in its own switch/genre. This is likely dependent on the Genres/Tags topic.

There will still be the policy of no IRL content allowed (i.e. no PMVs).