[PixelFH] FH Tutorial – Audio Prep

Tutorial video courtesy of PixelFH. You can access the other parts of the tutorial over on the Tutorials page.

Beat sounds and FH beatbar gen script files can be downloaded in this zip.

The below text is from the Tutorial Info.txt file.

This is my first attempt at any kind of tutorial, so I hope some find it helpful! While it’s quite a basic Tutorial, it should enable just about anyone with a functional pc, and basic Adobe app knowledge to create a fap hero. The practices and processes I showcase in this tutorial are simply my own, so don’t expect for all of my personal processes to be the best out there. I’m simply sharing my ways. If you want more, You can find both Quantoz’s and Bastati’s tutorial files on hmvmania.

| What software do you need? |
– FL Studio (can get the unlimited free-trial from the official website:
– Adobe premier pro & Adobe After Effects (Can’t help you with obtaining those. I’m sure you can get them yourself somehow-)
– Extendscript Toolkit (You may need to download this seprately if your adobe doesnt come with it, as it’s no longer packaged with newer adobe apps. I’m sure there are other ways to run scripts on After Effects, but I just use extendscript still.

| Video Order, Top to bottom |
– Material Prep – Audio Prep
– Beatbar Creation
– Faphero Creation
– Editing process example

| Additional Files |
– “FH_beatbar_gen_v0.5.jsx” This is the newer (0.5) Beatbar script that was updated by Quantoz. I didn’t showcase this in my tutorial videos, but you can tweak the script’s variables to fit your needs. The script’s comments should make it easy enough to understand how they work.
– “Beat sounds” A folder containing the beat sounds that I use. ‘bd_liked’ is the audible beat sound that I use in all of my works, and in this tutorial (Obtained from bastati’s tutorial files). ‘beatsound’ is the sharp sound for the beatbar script, as this tutorial shows. I’ve also included an ‘osu beat sound’ as I find it to be a good audible beat sound as well.

– I could’ve shown how to make transitions and other effects in this tutorial, but I feel like you’ll find much better tutorials for those things on youtube. I’d suggest looking up how bezier’s work in regards to keyframing, as it can help make transitions and other effects appear much smoother.

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