Hello again, we have an important update about 2024 plans for the site.

Current Videos and Remaining Space

As of writing this post, the site currently has 2,951 published videos, excluding Welcome to HMV Mania. We’ll be hitting 3,000 posts soon (early May), and while that is exciting, it does mean we need to consider what space remains on the site and migration plans for 2024. On an unrelated note: the site should be hitting the milestone of 20 million pageviews in about 3 weeks.

With current trends of releasing four videos per day and the calculated video average size, the site can sustain this pace until early September until we get to what we call the “safe max” — this is when we need to start slowing down and we can still do releases, but not at 4 per day.

However, something important should happen before then, which is the site migration to expand available space.

Planned Migration

After contacting our current site host, they are not allowing any more expansions on the legacy plan we are on. This means we need to do a migration to another server.

We should have more information some time in May, which is when the backend dev plans to finish an important project that will allow us to move over to another server. This is still under active discussion.

So even though the current pace can be sustained until early September, we’re hoping this migration can happen before then and it won’t even need to be considered.

Revised HMV Makers List Page

As you may already know, the HMV Makers List Page was revised to be a table listing with information about each creator on the site. We’re also getting closer to 600 creators.

Tagging and Genres

This has probably been the most frequently requested addition to the site, which is tags/genres. Approaching 3,000 videos means a manual approach is not sustainable, so we looked into an automatic tagging approach.

We managed to get JoyTag up and running, which is a python library that aims to tag an image with a focus on sexual content. However, the results were not what we had hoped — we got many generic tags that probably would not help a user narrow down what they wanted, and we didn’t get sources for what was in the image.

Generally speaking, when it comes to sources, the main questions are series used and music used. We weren’t able to utilize this tool to identify series in a mass scripted fashion. You can see the below results of when we provided a screenshot of a sex scene in an HMV.

If anyone has suggestions about what library we could try out to identify series used from an image (although preferably video as that covers more of the media rather than a single point in time), we’d like to know so we can look into a mass script update.

Upcoming Convention HMV Contests

Some Anime Conventions have been opening up submissions recently for 18+ AMVs (HMVs in our case). The more creators that submit to them, the more likely we can see these contests appear at conventions for you talented creators to showcase your work and have people learn about sites where they can see this content reliably that’s not just the “mainstream sites” (think Pornhub, etc.).

Currently open ones as of this post:

Contest Name Submission Deadline Information
FanimeCon Hentai Music Videos Contest 2024 May 20th, 2024 animemusicvideos thread, submission limit 2
Tekko 2024 AMV Contest & Extreme AMV Contest June 22nd, 2024 animemusicvideos thread, no stated submission limit
Abunai! 2024 International and 18+ AMV Competition July 28th, 2024 animemusicvideos thread, submission limit 1
BlerDCon NSFW 2024 Contest May 25th, 2024 animemusicvideos thread, submission limit 1 per category (see thread)
Shenanicon 2024 [21+ Con] AMV Showcase May 1st, 2024 animemusicvideos thread, submission limit 1 per category, 4 maximum

Martoise Archive

April 19th, 2024 was the last day the Martoise pixeldrain archive was available for download before it was reported as violating pixeldrain’s policy about not sharing porn.

We still have all the original Martoise videos that were in this archive locally, and the videos are up on the site for streaming under the creator Martoise. However, making the videos available in their original size will prove to be a challenging task when it comes to safety/keeping the files up on other sites.

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