There is now another option for users to interact with the community around this site!

We now have forums which you can find over at the Forums area. You can view the forums without an account, although creating posts requires an account. If you want to apply for an account for the site, please head on over to the thread that contains the HMV Mania User Registration Application.

The Contact Us page has been replaced with the Community page. It lists four items:

  1. Forums
  2. Discord
  3. Reddit
  4. Twitter

The forums have an initial structure as a starting point. Be sure to read the stickies in each forum section!

Some threads that could potentially be of interest, in addition to the HMV Mania User Registration Application:

  1. Where to find HMVs
  2. 4chan HMV Summary Thread
  3. iwara HMV creator index
  4. HMV Mania Mission Statement Check In (2021)
  5. 2022 Goals
  6. Suggest Genres for Videos Here
  7. Pornhub pre-purge HMV archive
  8. Ecchi Images
  9. Hentai Images

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  • […] Back in April 2022, the forums were introduced on HMV Mania but there wasn’t much of a focus on them. Now with the server situation resolved, there can be more user applications and community involvement on the forums. […]


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