After going back to consistent releases for almost 3 months, we’ve got some updates to close out August.

2,000 Videos

On August 20th, HMV Mania reached 2,000 published videos! 🎉

We put up a spreadsheet listing of the videos on the site up to August 24th, 2023 for reference.

We also did a listing of the creators and found 401 results as of now, although some may be duplicates/aliases. The HMV Makers List was updated.

Release Rate

Most days have been 4 videos per releases up to this point. This may cool down in the coming months to an average of 3 videos, which is what we were anticipating for the roadmap of the site.

We’re working with the backend dev to be able to access more site stats. We’ll be monitoring available space as well. We don’t want what happened earlier this year to repeat itself (when most of the videos on the site were inaccessible).

New Tutorial

The FH Tutorial from PixelFH is now in the Tutorials section.

The Tutorials Page now includes tutorials from three creators:

  1. Quantoz
  2. PixelFH
  3. Bastati

The tutorial on material prep references the site MuchoHentai, which has downloads in mkv format. It goes through how to convert the file to mp4 as needed, and there is also a thread on the forums about using either Handbrake or ffmpeg directly to also get an mp4 out of the mkv.

Martoise’s Leave

Some of you may already know that Martoise is not around anymore. On August 10th, Martoise posted several tweets on Twitter (now X) on another account that was private. We have archived those 31 tweets.

We wanted to provide some insight about what happened and a conversation we had with them. They more or less aligned with what the 31 tweets were saying.

Martoise decided that they would continue making HMVs as a personal activity, and they would be the only audience (in other words, not publicly releasing future videos).

Before elaborating further, Martoise started the conversation with:
“The most important thing is to make the best choice for yourself, not for me.”

Some discussion points that followed:
– Martoise’s decision has nothing to do with how people perceived his HMVs (positive or negative).
– We asked if takedowns contributed (false DMCA abuse, etc.). Martoise mentioned that while is a topic that shouldn’t be overlooked, it has nothing to do with the decision.
– Martoise understands there are safe communities where HMVs could be shared. Martoise instead wants to focus on self-improvement. Martoise was disappointed in themselves when they were starting to pay too much attention to numbers such as views, shares, likes. This is likely something many HMV creators can also relate to at some point.
– Martoise is grateful to everyone in the HMV community that has enjoyed their works, and also sorry for this decision at the same time. Martoise encourages others to create HMVs, just like how he was inspired to create Fap Heroes when Bastati went inactive in 2020 (Martoise mentioned Bastati in the conversation).

We have put up a pixeldrain archive of Martoise’s works since the original mediafire archive no longer has anything. This does not contain everything Martoise made, but it should contain most of their works. If there are more videos we discover, we can add them as they are found and put up on the site.

Whether or not Martoise decides to publicly release future videos again is up to them.

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