As of today’s release, the site is now officially at 1,000 published videos.

We did it! These have been some exciting times for the site. On May 11th the site accrued 1 million total pageviews, and became one year old on May 23rd. Now we’ve hit 1,000 videos as of June 10th.

Some of you probably noticed that the site’s releases slowed down as of recently. This was to provide time for a special celebration HMV for getting to 1,000 videos. For today, it’s Anti-Censor Anthem from AlphaSigma. A different editor was contacted to create a celebration HMV for later on.


The Twitter account hit 800 followers recently.

The subreddit is close to 200 members.

An anonymous poll was given in the HMV Mania discord server about site loading speed. The poll ended Friday, June 3rd after 4 days of being open. With 14 respondents, most said the site loading speed was average or higher. You can see the results in the below picture.

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