We have more space! Although it’s not quite over yet.

Server Update

Phase 1 of the server update is complete as of Monday evening. This means we have more space for daily uploads in the meantime on the new server, although we will need to come up with plans this weekend on our options with the legacy server which has the extra requirements we’d need to handle streaming the way we want.

We’ll be monitoring site health this week and next week, day by day. It’s not over yet, but this was a good first step.

Daily Uploads

Daily uploads have resumed, and the returning week has a packed base release schedule. The weeks after this one should have smaller base releases so we can allow room for other videos.

Initially, we had 85 videos that were being planned for the returning month. This grew to over 120. Rather than try to plan out the videos we collected over the past three months, we wanted to prioritize newer creators and content rather than plan out an entire month.


An alternative site that’s treated HMV creators better than many others over time, iwara recently went through a site revamp. However, their upgrade is still in progress and you’ll likly see pages loading slowly and videos older than a week have trouble loading.

Considering how much the server space situation slowed down uploads on HMV Mania, alternatives such as iwara have been good to consider for creators. The more platforms they can post and stay on, the better.

You can find more updates about iwara in the following:
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