Happy New Year! With 2022 over we have some stats to share along with site updates.

Overview of 2022

Overall, 2022 showed tremendous growth in site interest.

As a recap of what the 2021 stats were:

  • 253,070 accumulated and total pageviews
  • 483 videos
  • 115 unique creators
  • 24,495 Visitors
  • 10.33 Views Per Visitor

After the last day of 2022, the site stats were:

  • 4.5 million total pageviews (+4,259,785 accumulated views)
  • 1,594 videos (+1,111 new videos)
  • 261 unique creators* (+146 new creators*)
  • 275,012 Visitors (+250,517 visitors)
  • 15.49 Views Per Visitor (+5.16 Views Per Visitor)

*this is the number as of September 22nd, 2022. It is higher since then but the HMV Makers List hasn’t been updated.

2022 Stats: Pageviews and Visitors

By the end of 2022, the site accumulated 4,259,785 more pageviews and had 275,012 visitors.

To summarize the change in the monthly 2022 stats:
– The site started with having just below 4k pageviews a day on average in January, to 19.5k pageviews a day on average in December.
– The site started with having around 300 visitors daily on average in January, to 1.2k visitors a day on average in December.

You can see a detailed breakdown of these numbers by month in the picture below, which organizes the information into tables.

You can see there was more of a jump after August.

2022 Stats: Country Viewership

In the picture below you can see a table of the Top 50 countries by pageviews for 2022. “Unknown Region” is listed at Rank 49, but Ireland and Bulgaria should be treated as 49 and 50 respectively.

2022 Stats: Top 100 Videos by Viewership

In the picture below you can see a table of the Top 100 videos by view count in 2022. These numbers were retrieved by the backend, as there is a known issue with the front-end view counter. See the “Known Bugs” section of this post for more of those details.

Known Bugs

We know of at least two bugs on the site that have caused some confusion for users:
– Video posts that appear in a creator’s listing but can’t be viewed
– Video page view counter being different from the backend view counter

Videos in listing that are not found

There is a bug in the WordPress Theme we’re using where a creator can have a video listed on their page, but it hasn’t actually been published onto the site. These posts currently do not have any video attached to them and are not intended to be viewed.

Video page view counters

It’s also come to our attention that the frontend view counter vs. the backend view counter has a disconnect. This is a known bug likely out of our hands, as it might be something about how the WordPress Theme calculates views on the front-end vs. the backend.

While it is not clear why this happens, a possible theory is that each new video gets several hundred users viewing it that day. The theme likely doesn’t know how to handle that many users in a short period of time, whereas the backend knows what traffic is on that video.

A current example: [2DLover] Couple Sluts is shown to have 50 views on the site, but on the backend as of writing this post it really had 637 views on it.

Some other examples of this disconnect are:
– [Samobal] Rumors ⇒ 13,699 Views displayed on site; 4,318 on backend
– [HentaiCumSama] LOLI SUCCUBUS HMV ⇒ 2,993 Views displayed on site; 4,797 on backend

When you see a video released after the first day displaying 50 views, in reality it’s more like 500+ views. This is likely a problem with the WordPress Theme itself, which is handled by a third party.

Server Ugrade

We initially paid for an upgraded server in September of 2022 as we saw the increase in traffic on the site along with reaching the limit for available space on our server.

The problem we’re currently facing is that our site host migrated to a new host company, and they started to enforce hard limits. The previous host company was more relaxed about enforcing space limits. It turned out we were actually at the 200 GB storage limit, which ended up happening when Martoise released Simple Beat Training 06 Full Version. This was first noticed on September 19th, 2022.

Our backend developer had some personal situations happening in his life, and our site host also had to do some preparations on their end for an upgraded server. After filing a ticket and some back and forth, it took the site host some time to do preparations for a server upgrade to account for the improved specs which also included the increase in available space. But right now we’re not sure if it’s better to just wipe the current server, with a backup of the site and its content, and then have a new server and then install the backup then.

A workaround we’ve been doing to account for the disk write issues is doing some video substitutions to free up some space. Then we went with a slower release model for newer videos, aiming to not release more than 1 newer video per day on average. We kept a log of video substitutions made in the backlog of drafted (unpublished) video posts to make sure that we had space available for newer videos that weren’t in our backlog.

As of writing this post, we should still have enough space to have new content up until mid-February this year if we are conservative about how the remaining space is used. However, we really hope this situation can be resolved before then.

We owe you an apology. While we have tried to do what we can to account for this situation, it went on for much longer than it should have and we do miss the days before September where we could easily release 3-4 videos per day on average for newer content. What we can assure you is that we are looking to see what next steps we can take.

Some Miscellaneous Notes

Other topics not related to the site stats or server upgrade.

A Note on Site Donations

We do want to give a reminder that when it comes to this site, we’ve got the finances covered on our end. That discussion already took place before the site went up in May 2021. What we would appreciate, however, is if you spread the word around of the site and support the creators.

If you want to contribute financially, there are creators who may be on platforms such as Patreon which allow you to do so. We ask that you instead go to those creators and support them. On that topic, we hope you have also learned about more creators on this site!

FapHub Community Server

On October 9th, the FapHub Discord Community Server launched. Previously there was a FapHub discord server that was online until November 24th, 2021. You can visit it at this discord invite link: https://discord.com/invite/U8nTqpddfa

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