The site home page has some layout changes.

Previously, the site had the Articles section at the very bottom and the Trending section had a slide showing 4 videos on the current slide, with 5 pages for a total of 20 videos. Now the Trending section is 40 videos (twice as much as before) and displays all videos at once instead of in a slide. The Articles section was moved back up to the top.


  • Maz 16th December 2021 , 2:41 pm

    Firstly I just want to thank the staff for this wonderful site, simple yet elegant and an ad-free experience providing access to so many different HMVs across so many different editors, cheers!

    Secondly, I’m hesitant to complain about anything at all but I must say as a predominantly mobile user, the layout changes have made it so the first thing I must do when loading up the site is scroll multiple screens down to move past the articles that take place at the top of the screen now. I feel this takes away some of the “pizzazz” the site once had where you almost immediately dive into the action!

    A possible solution could be to only provide headlines without the preview text; possibly also excluding the image, allowing the articles to have the necessary presence without taking up so much “screen real estate”

    A toggle to show/hide the articles once you have seen them would be perfect, but I cannot gauge how much work that would take to implement as I am a plebeian in these matters!

    To end on a positive note I must say that I love the changes to the trending section, it has increased my adventure into clicking and checking out more HMVs that more easily catch my eye!

    Thanks, Maz

    • hmv uploader 1st January 2022 , 2:36 am

      Hello Maz,

      Thanks for the feedback. Some of what you described are interesting points but there may be limitations with the WordPress theme we’re using. Possibly something to look into in 2022.


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