Hello there, cultured one! On this site you’ll find music videos with animation. Whether it is anime music videos (AMVs) or hentai music videos (HMVs), we’ve got them both in their separate categories!

There are two main categories of video:

  • HMV (Hentai Music Video)
  • AMV (Anime Music Video)

For a basic description of the above:

  • HMV is an animation music video involving genitals.
  • AMV is, in general, an animation music video without genitals. It can still have sexual acts and bodily fluids.


  • hantres 4th November 2021 , 1:55 pm

    hello creations hmv would like to post them here as well. how do i do it here are my works https://ecchi.iwara.tv/user

  • hmvlover 8th December 2021 , 7:41 am

    how do i register

    • hmv uploader 8th December 2021 , 9:29 pm

      Hello hmvlover,

      The best way to contact us is messaging the Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/hmvmania

      We can help get you set up there.

  • ivory2 12th December 2021 , 6:28 pm

    hi, i would like to upload my hmv here. here is the link

    • hmv uploader 12th December 2021 , 7:03 pm

      Hello ivory2,

      Your best bet for getting a video put up on the site is contacting us via messaging the Twitter account with your request: https://twitter.com/hmvmania

      We may be able to set you up with an account as well.

      Thanks and have a great day.


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