• 3d
  • 3:49
  • Dec 31 2023
  • HD
  • DL
ReminaHMV ReminaHMV

[ReminaHMV] (3D) Teriyaki Girlz

3D Creator: ReminaHMV

One comment on “[ReminaHMV] (3D) Teriyaki Girlz

  • HMV Messiah 3rd January 2024 , 9:36 pm

    Overall: 7.5
    Music: 6.5
    Animation + editing: 8

    fun editing the color shift makes me feel faded would have loved to see more of the action sync up with the music but u clearly put a lot of work into this and it shows i look forward to seeing more from u
    this is only my opinion pls disregard if u dont like it

    downloaded? no but i did enjoy it


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