[Bastati] FH Tutorial Part 3 – Beat bar

Tutorial video courtesy of Bastati.

You can find the Tutorials page here:


  • Thomas 18th June 2022 , 6:25 am

    i followed ur guide all the way up to u needing a script can u email me your script thanks im really trying to figure out how to makes these

    • hmv uploader 18th June 2022 , 6:43 am

      Hello Thomas, we have an HMV Mania discord server you can join with this link:

      We recommend you post your questions in the #creative-corner channel.

    • Hentez 4th August 2022 , 3:21 pm

      Hello Thomas I have the script You can send me your email and I will send you

  • wb 27th June 2023 , 6:04 pm

    I have a problem I tried script to AE and it said “audio amplitude layer must have both channels effect/slider” What should I do?

  • kirara 25th November 2023 , 3:29 am

    I have also encountered this problem. How can I solve it


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