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    You might end up in a situation where you find a low quality source and can’t find any alternatives of it. In this case, you’d want to do upscaling with software that can improve quality. Note this is referring to the process of both upscaling and improving the quality of the source, not just literally upscaling by itself (which just increases the resolution without improving quality).

    If you want to also increase the framerate of a video, that involves interpolation. So for example, 29.97 frames per second to 59.94 frames per second. Usually a flat 2x increase is recommended for best results, and not to interpolate more than once.

    Some examples of upscale tools are:
    – waifu2x
    – Topaz Labs (Gigapixel, Video Enhancer AI)
    – enhancr (this is a paid application)

    enhancr also provides interpolation along with upscaling. While it is a paid application, it works very well and has a UI that is easy to use. You can pay for a subscription and log into it through the Patreon:

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